Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last night all 3 of the kids slept with me on the couch. Yes, ALL 3 KIDS on the COUCH with me. The one that lives inside me didn't take up too much space, but the other 2 were sprawled.

I've had a week of inlaws. Chris and I are being very careful with each other to avoid any meltdowns. What is that saying about fish and company? So true.

Please send sleeping vibes to my babes tonight so mama can get some rest!

Monday, July 28, 2008

She knows?

When I picked up the kids today, one of the staff was telling me that Ivy was telling her that I was going to have a baby. Now, although we have decided to not tell our kids about the pregnancy until after the next u/s, I'm sure that Ivy has somewhat figured it out since everyone else knows.

So, this is how I handled the situation. I told her that in a couple of weeks Daddy and Mommy are going to the doctor to see if there is a baby in there. We think that there is a baby in there, but we have to go to the doctor to see for sure. And if there is one in there, they will tell us if it is a brother or a sister.

Then she said that she wants another baby brother. Because she is already a girl. We'll have to see how that one is going to go over.

Last week I asked her if she got a new baby dolly what would she want it's name to be? She then said that the only name she likes is Ivy. And Sunshine because she already has a doll named Sunshine. I think that she didn't really catch the drift of that inquiry. I then said, "Do you like Paisley? Do you like Patience? Do you like Juniper? (those are all names that we are thinking of for girls) She says, "Mom, I told you. I only like Ivy." Well then.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All is well

Today was my midwife appt and second blood draw and all seemed fine. We scheduled our next U/S for August 13 and hopefully we will be able to see which type of kid we are getting next.
The second blood results will be compared with the first ones taken three weeks ago and will let us know the statistical risk of Downs. Since the nuchal scan can normally detect upwards of 70% of these cases, I'm feeling comforted. She said that no news is good news and the results should be back after a week.
She was extremely pleased that I had gained a pound from 3 weeks ago. Hopefully that will continue. She also said that Ivy, Chris and I can play tennis as long as I don't get too hot or winded. She said that competitive tennis is out, but since I don't play competitive tennis I don't think that I will be missing out. Bec will be disappointed as he doesn't like going to the courts, but he'll come around.
A cool happening at the appointment was that the nurse could not find the heartbeat at first. I told her, "Try it lower, that is normally where it hangs out." And there it was, right where Mama could feel it. Of course, it booked off right away. She said, "Wow, this one is a mover. Ya know, the old wive's tale says that an active baby is a boy." Chalk up another vote for the blue team.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Want to smile?

This link is not to a blog that I frequent. In fact, I just found it tonight. But, posts like this bring me joy like you cannot imagine. I hope that you feel the same.

Allow Me to Introduce

I'm putting this up on all my blogs. Enjoy. It just gets better every time you read it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

How many is too many?

Now I know that I'm extra sensitive lately but something happened last night that isn't sitting well with me.
Chris finally told his dad and stepmom about the new baby coming. They were over and admiring the new car, which is something that I find odd in the first place, but people are different.
We were out on the front porch and Chris said, "Well, there's a reason why we needed a bigger car." I then smoothed down my shirt to show the bump. His step mom said congratulations and gave me a hug. Chris' dad said, "Don't you guys watch television?" Then they laughed. Then his dad said, "And what about after this one?" Chris said, "I'm making a doctor's appointment!" In all honesty, they were more excited about the car. Seriously, some peoples' priorities.
When we came inside I asked Chris if his parents think that we have too many kids. He said that he didn't think so and that his dad didn't mean anything by what he said. I'm thinking in my head, "Hell, you think 3 is a lot of kids? I'll show you a lot of kids by the time I'm done!!" Yeah, I"m that mature.
Chris is the baby out of 4 kids. So far, he is the only one that is married and the only one that has kids. I guess that really does make him an oddity with his folks. But his oldest brother and girlfriend are expecting this fall. When I think back to the reaction they got, it makes me mad.
And, Chris still hasn't told his mom. I told him tonight that the longer he puts it off, the worse it is going to be. She is now the last to know. He says that he doesn't want to put up with her shit and that she will make it all about her and cry and throw a fit. Nice, just like she did with Ivy. She just didn't acknowlege Bec until he was in her face.
Bottom line is that I hate it that people can act like this, yet at the end, still take all of the credit and the glory. My family is there for us in any way shape or form and has been since the beginning of time. (Well, maybe not my mom from the very beginning, but she has more than made up for it) But, oh, when the baby is born, they are all there acting like it was their idea for us to have another. Pisses me off. But, more and more I realize that no matter how much I wish that it was different, life isn't fair. Growing up is hard. F*** 'em. (Ah, that feels better!)

Maybe I'll name it Braxton

This week has been full. Full of energy. Full of chores. Full of getting things done. Full of love and happiness. And full of Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Worry wart that I am, I was on the phone the first day that the mild contractions started. I mean, hey, I just turned 15 weeks today. Well, my midwife said, "normal, normal normal! Especially with the second pregnancy you feel everything sooner and more than the first." She also said that when they start and keep going I'm supposed to drink a glass of water and lie down with my feet up until they stop. Great advice as I have had to do this every day this week.

Between my uterus and this little fishy there is a lot of moving around down there. When I walked into the office this week, my brother said, "God K, what are you pregnant or something?" I was totally showing. I told him about the baby moving around so much. He cringed. Wuss.

Lastly, I have got to eat more. I went down a pound from my last visit. But I think that has been because I'm moving around so much, not laying on the couch all sick-y. Making up for lost time. But, no fear! This weekend we have a festival to go to with wonderful food and another wedding reception. Oh, little swimmer just flipped a hello to you all!

Isn't that baby on the ticker creepy?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Something is moving in there

Yesterday I kept thinking that I was feeling the baby move. But I kept talking myself out of it. And then as I was sitting at the computer, filling out a form online, there was an unmistakable, familiar feeling of something specific moving in there. Not like the fluttering of butterfly wings, but like the flipping over of a fish.
I told Chris, my mom and my sis. Chris said, "are you sure?" My mom and sis said, "I'll bet. You can always feel the second one sooner and it is rough to mix it up with anything else once you have felt it."
I felt it again last night while I was driving. And then once when I was laying down this afternoon.
Once again, I had thought that this trimester would have me forgetting I was pregnant. Once again, little fish has decided to make it's presence known. Once again, I think I have a little drama babe in there. Like mama, like fishy!