Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This weekend I was so tired. I thought that I'd gotten the virus that the kids had a while back where they slept all of the time. I've been living with hotpacks on my back because it hurts so much.And then this morning, I threw up.So how dense can a woman in denial be? Pretty dense, I'll tell ya.

I rummaged all through the extras of our bathroom cabinets and found what I thought was a pregnancy test. If it was a preg. test, it came back +So then I thought, I've had all of those ovulation kit extras lying around, I wonder if that was one.

I called my sister, "Um, girl? I think I'm pregnant. But I really don't know because this could be an ovulation test, right?
Doesn't FACT Plus make ovulation sticks?"
Her response, "Um, you are a dork. That's a pregnancy test."

And then both kids started fighting and yelling and hitting each other and screaming for me. I kept talking, shutting them out of the bathroom. Just kind of rambling about puking and feeling like shit and feeling tired, etc. She then said, "Do your boobs hurt?""YES!! Bec leaned on me this morning and I thought that I was going to cry while shoving him off of me." I say"Girl, you are pregnant." She keeps laughing like a maniac."Well. Then. Hmm."

I kept wondering if I should call Chris at the gym, but just waited for a bit. He came in thru the utility room. The kids were occupied and I went to talk to him.
I said, "I threw up this morning."
He said, "Ah, babe. You are sick." and then he stopped.
And I stood there.
I said, "I had a positive pregnancy test this morning."

His reaction was great. He looked shocked, but knew that although he was overwhelmed, I was looking to him to say the right thing. Then, really slowly, he says, w---o----w.And then we both stood there.