Monday, October 20, 2008


Yesterday and this morning while I was in the tub, I spent the majority of the time watching my belly! This little guy is either really big, or really strong, as I don't remember this amount of abdominal movement with Ivy at this point. It was a lot later on in the pregnancy when I could see my stomach roil with baby.

And this guy is a kicker. Ivy was more of a spinner. I would call her my little ballerina. This one already wants to play "kung fu" with his siblings. (See photo below of their nightly tournaments)

Last night I took my final dosing of the BV meds and I think that I'm slowly on the mend. Yesterday along with working and going grocery shopping, I was tylenol free all day. Today Ivy and I were able to take a 5 block walk to the movie store, which in my mind was comparable to doing a marathon last week. I'm also considering the fact that 2 days of Chris doing primary parenting has left me well equipped to handle things. I'm not jinxing myself. We're taking it one day at a time!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yesterday finished me

After the bed fest from the weekend and most of Monday, I woke up feeling pretty great to greet Tuesday and get some things started! Which lasted for about an hour before I was hobbling around with tears in my eyes, breathing heavily and coming to the end of my rope.

I got on the horn to my midwife's assistant and told her that there had to be something more that we could do, because I was beginning to panic. She got me in to see Sue this morning.

And, now we find out the majority of the problem. A bacterial infection. I had these before with Ivy, but not like this. So, there was more than one thing going on. I left the office with an rx for the intra vag. gel, an rx for a belly support belt (which my insurance refused to cover), and a note saying that for every 30 minutes to an hour that I'm up, I need to alternate that with sitting or laying down. Yeah! I also had my hips and pelvis adjusted by my new chiro that works on preggos like me. He warned, "I was conservative in your adjustment, but you will be sore tomorrow." What else is new? At least it will be a different sore.

I feel much better tonight. Not physically, mind you, as my tx hasn't started, but mentally, knowing that feeling better is in my grasp. Sue said that after the rx is complete, I should feel much better, but not 100% since Hendrix really is low. But, she said that as far as being debilitating, it would be more of a day to day issue depending on him and my uterus. Good news. I can't wait to get back to this perfect pregnancy! This little blip has went on long enough!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


OK gals, not such a great weekend. Well, I spent pretty much the whole darn thing in bed or on the couch, since in all reality I couldn't walk or stand without that horrible pelvic pain. I would think that sleeping it off would help, but it was fleeting.

Tonight I was online looking for any type of relief, and what I read pretty much scared the wits out of me! Things like, bedrest, crutches and a wheelchair until delivery. Of course, there are less drastic approaches to try first, but YIKES!

So I'm trying to grin and bear it as Sue told me I should. And guess what? In all reality, that is my only choice as Chris heads back to work tomorrow and Bec starts soccer this week. These poor kids. Just dealing with me on the limited basis that they had to this weekend has them seeing their mama in a new light.

Wish me, and them, luck!

And putting it in perspective at this point, I'm still enjoying being pregnant. Maybe I can get used to this?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I went to my midwife appt. today and guess what? I go back again in 2 weeks! Yep, officially third trimester is here and I cannot believe how fast this has been going. Weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar were as close to perfect as they could be, and of course, Mr. Hendrix was showing off by being active and cooperative.
AND, they are giving me another ultrasound when I go in next. AND I found out last week that they just received their new 3D/4D machines, so I was begging for one of those. My sweet midwife left me with a "We'll see..."
Lastly, something very uncomfortable is happening to my pubic bone. I so don't remember this with Ivy and Sue said that it wasn't like this with Ivy since she was my first. But Hendrix is lower and will be getting lower by the day. She said that she says this will be a grin and bear it situation, kind of remedied by positions, but not cured. Nothing to do about it. If any of you have had braces on your teeth, and remember the pressure and the pain and the stretching going on in your jaw, just imagine the same thing in your nether regions. I'm so glad that we did photos when we did.
But, all that said, I still texted Chris this morning and told him that I want to do this again in a few years. Needless to say, I did not get a response back.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

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