Sunday, November 30, 2008

Huge and Miserable

And here is the proof! This pic was taken today for Chris' birthday lunch at Red Robin. I'm huge. Not being able to walk will do that to you.

Turn away if you don't want to join the whinefest.

I have had a cough and sore throat for over a week. I still can't walk, sit, or stand without pain. I will be groveling at the feet of my midwife this week to see if I can do my c-section any earlier. I cry every single day. I started leaking breast milk a couple of days ago. I feel like a polluted fish bowl.

Hendrix is doing great. Moving constantly all over the place. Ivy is getting super excited. Becken knows something is up and has started regressing, which is actually adorable. And Chris is really starting to realize that this huge bump is his teeny tiny son.

The gifts have started to show up and a couple of girlfriends are throwing me a shower on the 14th. I really doubt that I'm going to make it til then.

One day at a time.


Anne said...

Huge? You look tiny! I'm so sorry this last stretch is so hard. I was never one to bask in the glory of pregnancy...I feel your pain. Sending lots of hugs your way!!

Carrie said...

Um Pretty Lady, there is no huge there. Not even a tiny huge. You're gorgeous!

The last stretch of Fancy's pregnancy got to me too. I felt clausterphobic of pregnancy. I wanted to be done. Now!