Monday, December 1, 2008

And then today

I woke up with a cold sore.
Had to work at daycare to get out state bills. Got a phone call from the spa, reminding me about a spa package I said that I'd do which was supposed to start in 10 minutes. Didn't finish bills and they'll just have to wait.
Road construction is now right in front of our drive.
It's Chris' birthday.
My sis in law called in tears because of my inconsiderate in laws.
And I love mondays, don't ya know!

Miss you all. Miss reading about your lives. Missing so many things right now. My feet included.

Hey Anne, thanks for the "tiny" comment. But did you see my face?


Carrie said...

Days like that bite. Especially when you feel bad to begin with.


Anne said...

Sorry, I think you look gorgeous!!!!

(hope your Tuesday and Wednesday were an improvement :) -- bad Mondays are the worst)